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Secrets to Medical Care For Expats in Mexico

Wednesday, Oct. 25th
8:00 ET, 7:00 CT, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT

***Special Topic***
Secrets To Medical Care In Mexico

 If you want to learn about the many different medical care options in Mexico - and how to pay for them -   then join me for my free webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 25th.

     In just one short hour, you will learn:

     - How to use your different medical insurance plans in Mexico

     - Which Medicare plan will pay for your emergency care worldwide

     - How to get treated at a private hospital with no up-front cash payment

     - A phone number to call to reach a doctor immediately for emergency care anywhere in Q Roo

     - A Mexico-based PPO-type  that will provide medical concierge services throughout Mexico at no cost

     - Local Mexican government plans you can join for a fee or through employment

     - What to do if you DON'T have insurance, and what you can expect

 Register now - and invite your friend, spouse, partner, kids - whoever needs to join you - and explore the   many options of medical care you can access in Mexico without breaking the bank

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